My passion for makeup began when I was just a little girl. I remember myself, walking among makeup counters only to admire the beauty of all those products with fantastic packagings, extraordinary colors and wonderful scents. They were the very embodiment of beauty and perfection, and I fell in love completely. This world was just too beautiful to stay even just a weekend away from it all. Since then, my passion has grown every day more and more, leading me to experiment and create, making myself aware of the incredible power of makeup and teaching me how every woman can enhance her own beauty just by using a few products. The big interest of that time never stopped, and today, it has transformed itself into a passion that is almost uncontrallable.
But never mind how strong our passions are, there is something no one should ever forget about: what is right and what is wrong, cause the values we believe in are more important than anything else. That’s why when I decided to go vegan, I didn’t want, with my purchases, to contribute to what I most abhor anymore. My respect for life and my love for animals had led me to see with different eyes that beautiful world I so much admired. If what we love the most actually hides injustices and useless sufferings, there is nothing left to love anymore.
Because the majority of the makeup products on the market is not cruelty-free, the world of the vegan beauty may seem a bit strange and lacking in good products. There is actually a whole beauty universe that is just there to be discovered! And there you have this blog, which is dedicated to every vegan (or not) woman, who is going to find out how many vegan products are out there for you and how beautiful and good they are, just like the coolest and trendiest ones on the market. In this blog you’ll also find many glimpses of a vegan life, which may also be interesting to anyone who wants to try new things and discover a bit more deeply this lifestyle, which has become so popular! You’ll find tasty vegan recipes (I also loooove to cook, didn’t I tell you about that?) which I hope will inspire you to create delicious dishes. Last but not least, you’ll also find many posts about my vegan life and, especially, my life as a woman who loves books, music, fashion, travels and so on and so forth!




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